About me

The objects in my paintings can be an everyday occurrence. For example, when I stir my coffee and daylight makes the spoon shine, I see the possibility for a painting. I am not really interested in the spoon, but just in the shine and reflection which I see at that moment. You could say that I see the light first, then the object.

Because the objects serve as a mirror, I am able to manipulate the reflection by placing colorful things in its surroundings which are temporarily and only shown in the painting as a reflection.

I only use natural lighting for my pictures, which are mostly taken outdoors. More often, I am amazed by the effects of sunlight in materials like glass or metal.  The effect is uncontrollable and unintentional; to add anything to an image is unnecessary or even excessive. I enjoy the intense sparkling of color and shine which I observe at that moment and a strong desire fills me to capture the image on canvas.

By using larger sizes of canvas or blowing up the image, the shine and color become a hyper existence. Sometimes a realistic image becomes abstract or may be experienced by the viewer to be abstract. For the viewer there can be an alienating effect and there is loss of recognition, therefore the viewer will be confronted with a composition of color and shine. My way of observing becomes visible. I enable the viewer to interpret the composition of color and to combine that into a recognizable image. Not as the object in itself, but as a manifestation of color and shine in the surface of the material.



Minerva Art Academy, The Netherlands. Graduated in 2007